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Invitation from the Japan Self-Service Association (JSSA)
Welcome to the Japanese market, represented by our member companies

Tokutaro Masui

Board member,

(President and CEO, Kinokuniya Co., Ltd.)

I am delighted to announce the Super Market Trade Show (SMTS) 2008. JSSA is a leading supermarket association in Japan and the organizer of the Super Market Trade Show. Since 1964, the Show has been the place for all key persons and decision makers from the retailing industries to visit, not only to deepen existing contacts but also to find new procurement sources.

The large number of retail chains in the country has generated strong competition among Japanese supermarkets in recent years. In addition, the entry of overseas global players to the Japanese market has led to further intensifying competition at a level never seen before. At the same time, calls have been mounting from the supermarket industry to internationalize the SMTS, in recognition of increasing importance of imported products for Japanese supermarkets. Subsequently, since 2006, JSSA has commissioned Mesago Messe Frankfurt Corp. with organizing and facilitating the participation of international exhibitors at the SMTS, which in a matter of two years brought the internationalization of the SMTS with more than 200 exhibitors from 34 counties and economies. We look forward to welcoming more exhibitors from a variety of categories.

It is my strong wish for us to be able to welcome as many international exhibitors as possible from all over the world. I believe that the SMTS will create rewarding business opportunities for international product suppliers. JSSA invites you to participate in creating a useful business platform with Japanese supermarkets and large-scale retailers.