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Advantages of participation

Hall scenery

Participation in a trade fair is an excellent way to grow your business opportunities. During the fair, you can meet various types of the trade. To develop your new network, to test your new products, to understand the demands and needs of the market, etc... There are many ways to make use of the opportunity and you will realize the great values.
To take a great advantage of your participation in trade fair, promotional activities throughout before -during - after the fair is highly recommended. With full preparation, you can maximize benefits of your participation!

Challenging targets

To set specific targets and adequate preparations are essential for your success.

  • The number of new customers target to develop
  • The number of contact target to make, etc...

Friendly display and welcoming attitude

Business talk scenery

Booth decoration reflecting your brand image may leave a significant impression on the visitors. In addition to a visitor-friendly display, employing a table and an interpreter for smooth conversation is highly recommended.
Please be noted that many of Japanese people are not able to speak anything but Japanese. Besides, they are shy. Therefore, speak to visitors from your side actively so that they can comfortably start conversation with you!

Exclusive offer

To increase the number of contacts during the fair, setting a special offer is recommended as an exclusive benefit to the visitors. Prepare a special price list, discount package, etc...and expand your business opportunity!

Promotional materials

To brochure, flyer, price list, etc. are the important materials for the visitors. Materials written in Japanese and employing an interpreter will be a great help for your business during the fair.

Events at your booth

Demonstration is highly effective to attract visitors. If you are planning to hold a presentation, demonstration, party, etc. for the visitors, please inform those events well.